Crackazat – Beat Tape [ Omena Records]

crackazat - beat tape

Here is the story behind this new Crackazat‘s “Beat Tape” on Omena Records explained by the man himself:

House music in general seems to be having a revival for a few years know. Perhaps that’s why I make a lot of house these days, and why I’m primarily know as a ‘house artist’. I release music on house labels and play house live. But like many others I’m sure, I have roots elsewhere. So here’s what I was doing a while back, during the underground post hip hop beat movement, of the late 2000’s.

If you don’t know what that is, People like Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Dorian Concept and Onra all are the tip of that iceberg. I was listening to all these cats, and doing my thing at the same time. I might even still be making this music now if had a successful release back then. In fact that very nearly happened, but it didn’t. So two years later I tried to do a more ‘housey’ remix for one of the artists above, and then had the offer to make a ‘housey’ release for an established label. That was the tunnel EP in 2012 on Futureboogie Recordings. I actually released two beat EP’s the same year, but they gained less attention. After a couple more house influence EP’s, I’ve released a house album, “Crescendo” on Local Talk where many of my older beats also where featured. As the beats on the album where well received, I decided to make a compilation featuring a whole load of music from that period. I’m happy to have the opportunity to release them, especially 8 years later on.

Now you may wonder how I found hip hop and beats in general?

My first interest in making beats, was when I formed a non serious rap duo with a friend of mine. we both rapped and wrote lyrics, and I took care of the production. We took inspiration from a lot of underground hip hop that was booming at the time. UK People like Jehst, Brain Tax, Lewis Parker, and US artists like Madlib, MF Doom and Danger Mouse. When that came to an end, I continued making beats and made a myspace page, and came up with the name ‘Crackazat’.

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