PREMIERE : Cosmic Garden – Expand Your Mind [Cosmic Rhythm]

cosmic garden - cosmic rhythm

Southern Italian label Cosmic Rhythm (Soundcloud) is back with more great music, this time from in house producer Cosmic Garden (Soundcloud) who was responsible for an excellent remix of “Detroit 909” by KGB on CR’s last release. As we’ve said before, plenty of producers try and recreate the magic of deep house tracks in the early 90’s, but it seems that everyone affiliated with CR has been successful in making exactly that. It’s almost like the crew has built a time machine that they’ve used to conduct research into the golden age of house. Cosmic Rhythm, like D.C.’s World Building, is one of those labels that you can always count on to deliver mystic deep house tracks that strike all the right chords.

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“Expand Your Mind” begins excellently with distorted synths, shimmering percussion, and a noticeable vinyl crackling effect that adds a great warmth to a dreamy, sparse intro. Just as you feel yourself getting lost in the chords, a heavy, impossibly dancey bass line slams in to get those feet shuffling. This is classic body music. This is not an overly produced track, rather, it’s quite simple in structure and sequence. Cosmic Garden has expertly fine tuned the groove so that you feel it in your bones. The heavily swung bass sits perfectly between atmospheric tones and the main synth line allowing for the listener to feel all of the bounce without distraction from other instruments. Simple melodic additions follow to keep the track going, and generally this one moves along like a fat guy on a floatie in a lazy river. We couldn’t ask for a better feeling really.