PREMIERE : COEO – Flesh World [Toy Tonics]

It goes without saying we’re big fans of Berlin-based label Toy Tonics and it’s probably of little surprise that we’re quite keen on their star duo COEO(soundcloud) as well. With a resume of an act double their age, Florian Vietz and Andreas Höpfl have been responsible for more than their fair share of underground hits. Native Riddim, Back In The Day, and Mydonna (the alternate cut of course) have them coming in with strong contenders for any top ten list for 2015, 2016, and 2017. While their latest effort, Flesh World may not make as immediate a statement as some of their previous work, you’ll surely be finding all three tracks from the EP in DJ sets around the globe. We have the pleasure of introducing the first track on the EP, a slow burning disco cut that sneaks out of Toy Tonics’ vaults just before the Summer season comes to an end.

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Clocking in at a chunky 117 beats per minute, the oddly named Flesh World sucks you in with a hypnotic progression and a cheekily added layer of white noise that combine to create an immediate feel good mood. As the song continues, drums build as we’re treated with more and more of the original sample until all the elements come together for the song’s climax just past the 2 minute mark. Things will ebb and flow once more before the song is finished, perhaps leaving us wondering how we just listened to essentially the same loop for over 6 minutes. That just goes to show you the brilliant reputation that COEO have earned themselves as masters of sample selection and arrangement is definitely warranted. It’s no wonder they’ve found a home on Toy Tonics and are regularly touted as some of the labels brightest stars.