Closed Paradise – Set It Out (The Silver Rider Remix) [Lovedancing]

In terms of consistency, they don’t come much higher than Whiskey Disco. The Orlando outlet specialise in classic disco & edits, all on timeless vinyl. Never will a Whisky Disco record fail to get any dancefloor rocking. They’ve been delivering top quality music since starting out in 2009, and with artists such as “Disco Au Courant” Pontchartrain & Sleazy McQueen in their arsenal is it any wonder why they’re top of the disco food chain. One of Whiskey Disco’s spinoff sublabels ‘Lovedancing’ are another to watch out for, great credit to Sleazy McQueen for producing two very successful labels.
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Upcoming on Lovedancing is the Something Else EP by Closed Paradise, the man with a deadly discography with previous releases on Whiskey Disco, Diggin’ Disco Deep & Better Listen. The French producer focuses on deep house via disco sounds with some special remixes from WD regular Pontchartrain and The Silver Rider also featuring on the 6th issue of the Lovedancing series. Track 2 on B side is a Bolting Bits exclusive, The Silver Rider remix of Set It Out, a spinning bass-heavy take on a great track The Silver Rider drives the track even deeper giving it a more raw club-ready feel while still keeping the core integrity of the tune still there. The track seems to take elements from a wide variety of different genres disco, ambient and a touch of jazz while keeping it deep with some euphoric sounds twisting around them signature vocals. Lovedancing, Closed Paradise and remixer The Silver Rider are definitely ones to watch this year so make sure to purchase this great EP.