CITIZEN:KANE – The Mad Parade [Rave Tuga]

Lisbon veteran and scene agitator Citizen:Kane has been reverently experimenting with the limits of electronic music in the past few years, bringing a much-needed generosity and curiosity to the artistic practice in the community.

Rave Tuga are lucky enough to have his new album on Rave Tuga. Titled ‘The Last Whistle’, it concisely and soulfully encapsulates his signature sound-spirit, one where synths can sing and drum machines laugh and cry. Cinematic drones and sci-fi bleeps invite us to an otherworldly realm on the opener, ‘Cujo Fujo’.

Dark, energetic arpeggiated basslines continue to haunt us perfectly as we step into the B side, with echoes of EBM and industrial creating the otherwise swingy techno heavy-hitter that is ‘The Mad Parade’. Things get headier and trippier as we dive deeper into the album, with ambient and slow jams that manage to marry the celestial and the austere.


text has been provided by the label.