E. Chamandy – Smooth House (Tribute) [SEER Record Co]

Having been in Montreal for 4 years now, Emiliano’s imprint in the city’s tight-knight music scene has grown stronger each year. Emiliano Chamandy, a talented and resourceful musician, producer, DJ, booker & promoter from Mexico, has been putting the jog-wheels to use for over 7 years now. From spinning wax to composing trax, it’s clear he lives and breathes electronic music. Based in Montreal now, his commitment to the craft has caught the ear of many. Since the early days of his Barbossa residency, Chamandy keeps driving his momentum onward, turnin’ heads each & every weekend.

Emiliano pushes deeper into the scene once again, presenting the debut release on his new label SEER RECORD CO. The standout for the Bolting Bits crew is the A2 – Smooth House (Tribute). Chamandy produced the track in dedication to the OG NY House tune by Barkim & Langel (from the Mission Inhousable-EP). Twisting his version with a personal touch and analog feel, the track features fellow members from his Montreal crew – The Fella’s Q-Tips. Formed upon punchy kicks, Emiliano balances shimmering arpeggios (played by Boogaloo Jones), a chunky modulating bassline, and macro-structural nuances that amplify the lushy dreamy chords (played by Maxime Miaja). A dancefloor mover of the highest proportions; battle-tested and approved at many of Montreal’s recent jubilant jams.


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