CA$TLE – Back [Club Designs]

This eclectic collection of tracks showcases the talents of both emerging and established artists, drawing heavy inspiration from the legendary Detroit and Chicago electro scenes. Our previous release was designed around peak time music and this new pack lends itself to the more experimental and heady side of the genre.

If CDMUSIC008 was the party, this is the after-party.CDMUSIC009 captures the pulsating energy and innovative soundscapes that have defined the genre for decades. Each artist on the compilation brings their unique perspective, blending classic electro elements with contemporary production techniques to create a sonic experience that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.With tracks by Greazus, Footclan, label boss Sharkki and a handful of new comers, listeners can expect a journey through the rich tapestry of Detroit & Chicago electro history, paying tribute to the visionaries who paved the way while introducing exciting new voices to the genre.

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