Casbah 73 – Doing Our Own Thing [Lovemonk]

Oli Stewart, better known as Casbah 73, is a DJ and producer based out of Madrid. All through the nineties, he was a revered digger/vinyl dealer who trawled across America leaving no warehouse standing in his quest for the rare and the downright elusive. Before the age of the internet, instant access, and social media, DJ’ing was a whole lot of work and our pal Casbah 73 definitely put in his time; earning a legendary reputation from DJs and producers around the globe.

Since that early start as a crate-digger, Casbah 73 would go onto to have a successful career as an artist, utilizing his encyclopedic knowledge and signature eclectism to combine the new with the old. This innate ability is on full display in his latest collaboration with the Spanish label Lovemonk, where they will be releasing a 12” that features two, massive anthems that include all things jazz, funk, and disco.

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The track we are premiering for you today is titled “Doing Our Own Thing,” which was recorded in a live studio by Casbah 73 and his excellent cast of musicians and friends. What can be surmised as one incredible, 9-minute long jam sesh, this song will rock your world with its colorful array of keys, energetic guitar, and monumental horn section. Classic in spirit yet modern in feel, this release is guaranteed to set any dance floor alight and is what we have come to expect whenever Casbah 73 and Lovemonk join forces!

Make sure to get yourself a copy of the two-sided vinyl by following this link right here! It will be hitting the shelf this Friday!