Caprithy – Splinter [Pkge]

Cover_Art pkge
Moscow label Pkge presents a new release consisting of three personal compositions from one of its bosses Caprithy and two remixes from Farron and Shedbug. The EP is called “Splinter” and it represents the stylistic diversity of the author’s tracks.

The release opened with the track “Press Any Key” in which randomly programmed percussions alternate each other creating an effect of suddenness. The main synth bassline glues the drums together and doesn’t give you a break. On a classic techno breakout track «Сhannel 3» Caprithy achieves dynamics with bouncing sidechain bass and a tricky percussion. The title track has a modern electro sound, choppy drums with a lot of drops. The confident snare drum keeps the rhythm in check and dilutes the dark atmosphere.

All three tracks from Caprithy are filled with noises, various sounds and that has already become the author’s calling card. Also the picture is complemented by the strongest remixes from Shedbug who unexpectedly shifted towards EBM and Farron who presented the classic DnB track.

text has been provided by the label.