Camion Bazar – Alteration [Jaki Records]

Camion Bazar deliver their psychedelia infused ‘Alteration’ EP via their own Jaki Records this February, comprising five original tracks from the Paris-based duo.

Camion Bazar is a collaborative project from Benedetta Bertella and Romain Hemono who over the past few years have been developing the project as DJ’s, stage curators and producers. Their tripped-out twist on House, Techno, Electronica and more has come via their own Jaki Records label and here the story continues with their latest EP, ‘Alteration’, pencilled for release in early 2023 and laden with original vocals from Benedetta throughout. The project will be released alongside the pairs debut live show at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Title-cut ‘Alteration’ opens and sees the pair merge warped synths, expansive dub echoes and bumpy organic drums alongside psychedelic guitar lines and hypnotic vocal chants. ‘Horizon’ follows elongated sub bass tones, intricately intertwined stabs, airy vocals and dubbed out keys before ‘Venosa’ employs playful drum breaks, an amalgamation of gnarly, resonant synth lines, bouncy bass groove and trippy spoken word vocal lines throughout.

‘Divinorum’ then sees the pair offer up a more classic house sound courtesy of crunchy drums, airy chord sequences, bubbling metallic arpeggios and sweeping atmospherics. ‘Limonia Acida’ then completes the package with jazzy keys, choppy bass stabs, a heavily swung drum workout and choppy vocal cuts ebbing and flowing throughout the composition.


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