Caffeine Worldwide – Park FX [Human Concrete Block]

Once a dormant and empty SoundCloud page with a seriously eye-catching logo, the Human Concrete Block – a new label out of London, helmed by Nettles- has finally emerged from it’s mysterious silence with an inaugural release by the talented Caffeine Worldwide. With previous releases on French Press Lounge and Third Try Records, Caffeine Worldwide returns with a new, stunningly unique EP on HCB. Blissful hardcore, ambient breakbeat and hints of IDM all come together for this cocktail of 90’s rave euphoria.

With tracks fit for every occasion, from a hard-hitting A1 to the B2 lullaby, there’s no shortage of varied style and emotion on this record. But our pick of the bunch is the A2: Park FX. IDM breakbeats and a bass line of heavy toms form the track’s foundation. Muffled voices scream and warped guitar hits screech out and excite you, while the addition of a sweet, trancey melody makes it all a very dance-worthy affair.

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But beyond the danceability of his music, Caffeine Worldwide’s magic is hidden in the details. As the end of Park FX draws near, samples, effects, hits and melodies- carefully chosen, placed and panned – drift through one ear and out the other. Throughout the EP, Caffeine pairs all the little pieces to paint a coherent image and feeling (or a memory of one). And through his complex soundscape and patchwork of samples, a haze of bittersweet nostalgia is formed, only to dissipate every now and then to let in sun-tinged rays of euphoria. Full of perfect moments for any sunrise, the Trinity EP is a beautiful EP from Caffeine Worldwide and a very strong start for Human Concrete Block.

Preorder the EP here and feel for yourself: