Broke Brotherhood – Obie [Bobby Donny]

They Promised us Ponies is the title of the latest serving from Frits Wentink’s label Bobby Donny, the EP is written and produced by anonymous new comers Broke Brotherhood. The four track EP spans wonky house, raw electro and intoxicating techno. Today we premiere the latter, check the premiere of the third track from the EP titled Obie.

This one can only be described as tripped out techno, the kind of thing you hear in a dark club when you’ve become lost in a smoky lazer filled haze. Your phone is dead, your friends have long since gone home, but you simply cannot stop dancing. Pitched snares and deep vocals filter in and out. Loose open hats provide the groove. Eerie synth leads build throughout, to create a perfect dreamy spin.

This isn’t one to miss. The record drops in your favourite stores 21 June 2019.

Adam P