Bosq Ft. Bruno Morais – Com Força [Ubiquity Records]

Although he hails from the cold winters of Boston, Massachusetts, it’s hard not to hear a sort of authenticity in the Latin and Afro rhythms Bosq crafts in his upcoming release Love and Resistance out on Ubiquity Records. If I had to pinpoint the underlying reason for why this is, I’d say its the producer’s dedication and commitment to the music he is so passionate about.

For Bosq, dabbling in Central and South American beats is less of a trend than it is an actual lifestyle. This is why we believe the American musician has chosen to call Medellin, Colombia his home for the past couple of years. Unlike other Western artists, who have been criticized for not directly collaborating with the far-off cultures they choose to sample, Bosq has decided to do the exact opposite – and this approach shows in basically every tune featured on his latest record.

For example, take the lead track from his LP titled Com Força, which translates to “With Strength” in English. Instead of sampling some classic Brazilian artist like Jorge Ben to create the tune, Bosq resoundingly says, “Fuck that” and makes an original all his own with contemporary Brazilian vocalist Bruno Morais from São Paulo. The result is something that sounds like it comes from the country itself and actually contributes to the rich, flowing canon of Brazilian dance music – not something being cheaply borrowed and re-packaged for Western audiences.

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The genuine way in which Bosq incorporates himself and his music explains why Love and Resistance is littered with features that range from the likes of Kaleta and Nicole Willis. Whether it’s making a song that sounds like it’s from Benin or sultry disco that epitomizes American funk, Bosq makes every track off his album exude a tangible “realness” by working with authentic representatives from each genre featured on it – and for that, we at Bolting Bits tip our hats off to him. This is no easy feat and should be viewed as a glorious example of how musicians can embrace other cultures without appropriating.

To buy Bosq’s certifiably groovy album Love and Resistance, make sure to pre-order it by clicking on this link right here. The LP is set to come out April 6th!