Bolting picks ~ April 2018

by @shootfirstcoffeelater

Bolting Bits is, at its core, a collective of individuals, artists, DJs, producers, promoters, label heads and much more from locations all around the globe. Since so many of our contributors reside in various locales where electronic music is thriving, we felt that it would be appropriate to bring our readers a list of events in the places where our team is present. Furthermore, this list is personally curated, as these are events that we ourselves may be attending or would be attending if we were given the chance. Below you’ll find a list of parties that we think you should be going to in places such as our hometown Montreal and beyond.Check back monthly for a list of events in your hometown and if you don’t see your city here, feel free to submit an event at the bottom of this page and we’ll gladly add it to our list!

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Apr. 7, ://about party – Deep Fried 42
Apr, 19, OYE Kreuzkoelln – 
Axe On Wax w/ Ron Wilson, Lola Luc, Fede Lng & Sally C
Apr. 20, Prince Charles – Axe On Wax with Sassy J, Florian Kupfer, Chaos In The CBD & Fede Lng
Apr. 21, Griessmuehle – Mother’s Finest Pres DJ Bone, Gesloten Cirkel, Shanti Celeste, Hodge
Apr. 21, [ipsə] – Koffäin with Folamour, Demuja, Mad Rey, Black Loops a.m.
Apr. 27, Prince Charles – Detroit Swindle’s Residency – All-Nighter Edition


Apr. 1, fabric – Floating Points (All Day Long)
Apr. 1, fabric – Forms presents Mall Grab – Easter Sunday Special
Apr. 1, Corsica Studios – Rhythm Section Bank Holiday Session 2018
Apr. 1, Ghost Notes – Max Graef & YAM Records
Apr. 6, Phonox – DJ Seinfeld (All Night Long)
Apr. 6, Corsica Studios – South London Record Party with Lone, Nabihah Iqbal & Folamour
Apr. 6, The Waiting Room – Fall Up presents Laurence Guy
Apr. 6, Tipsy – Socks & Sandals present: Seb Wildblood
Apr. 7, The Jazz Cafe – Soul City presents: Kon
Apr. 14, Hangar – Percolate with Dan Shake & O’Flynn
Apr. 21, fabric – Hunee, Palms Trax & Kemet Deep Sessions
Apr. 21, Corsica Studios – Coastal Haze x Regelbau
Apr. 27, The Jazz Cafe – Tuckshop & Esa present: Andrew Ashong (Live) + Alma Negra (Live Debut)
Apr. 27, Phonox – Mister Saturday Night (All Night Long)
Apr. 27, Shoreditch Platform – Disco Express with COEO (Toy Tonics / Razor & Tape)
Apr. 28, E1 – Theo Parrish presents Sound Signature 20
Apr. 28, The Jazz Cafe – Soul City presents: Session Victim (Live) + Erobique + Sean OD (Balamii)


Apr. 7, TBA – Midnight Lovers x Secret Solstice Fest. present: Session Victim, Nick Monaco, Magic Touch
Apr. 14Dig Deeper with Special Guest & Kornel Kovacs
Apr. 17, Echoplex – Yaeji
Apr. 20, TBA – THE GYM presents Frits Wentink, thatmanmonkz, Dave Aju, Edit Murphy and Cutlass Supreme


Apr. 6, Hugs&Kisses – Butter Sessions: Mosam Howieson (live), Sleep D, Roza Terenzi, Furious Frank
Apr. 6, Brown Alley – Burn City Disco Nine – The Reflex & Aeroplan
Apr. 7, The Sub Club – Plastic Dreams x Le Fag: Roza Terenzi B2B D. Tiffany
Apr. 7,  XE54 – Harvey Sutherland (DJ Set) & YouandEwan
Apr. 20 The Sub Club – Modern Hypnosis – Pugilist, Stormn Norm, Mosam Howieson, Pickelman, Woz
Apr. 27, Banana Peach – Animals Dancing: Young Marco, Zaltan, Invisible City


Apr. 5, Datcha – Andy Williams & Jesse Futerman
Apr. 6, TBA – RE: Union 02
Apr. 6, Datcha – 00:AM Presents: Kornél Kovács
Apr. 14, Stereo, Françcois K, Soundsha


Apr. 3  Jupiter Disco – DJ Mesh, hidden prism DJ Aspin, The Space Wanderer
Apr. 3, Tilt BK – Small Rave 001 – Denada (live), Ryan Clover, Fergus Waveforms
Apr. 4, Zone One at Elsewhere – Essaie Pas
Apr. 6, Elsewhere – Discwoman Night w/ Tama Sumo & Lakuti, Ciel, Ariel Zetina, DJ Haram & more
Apr. 7, House of Yes – Fania & HOMAGE presents: Tropical Metropolis w/ Sol Power All-Stars, Ryan Clover, Fabi Jugo, and Sabine Blaizin
Apr. 7, Good Room – 3024 with Martyn, FaltyDL, Baltra (Live), Shy Eyez
Apr. 7, Nowdays – Anthony Naples and Kornél Kovács
Apr. 7, Rose Gold – Better Listen x Super Tuff with Special Guest: Tilman
Apr. 13, C’Mon Everybody – Pleasure Jams ft Frits Wentink
Apr. 13, TBA Brooklyn – Goonroom x HOMAGE presents: Scott Z
Apr. 14, Elsewhere – 5 Years of Razor-N-Tape with Session Victim, Mood II Swing, Al Kent and More
Apr. 14, Nowadays – Mister Saturday Night: Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter
Apr. 20, Bushwick Public House – PFR Presents: Spin D, Henry Vengeance (Live), Wther (Live), Alyssa Stowers, Phoenix Supreme, Dad Tapes from London, Alice.Km, The Space Wanderer, UglyFatWoman, Wamoo


Apr. 1, Garage – DJ Boring, Céline, Tutti et Nasamann
Apr. 5, Garage – À l’eau x Hors-Sol — San Proper — Théo La Mamie’s
Apr. 6, Badaboum – Pont Neuf – Cosmonection ’10 Feet Before The Horizon’ Release Party
Apr. 7, Badaboum – Missive Nite Avec Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts
Apr. 13, Djoon – Byron The Aquarius & Demuja
Apr. 20, Rex – Rexist #4: Jeremy Underground, Dan Shake, Folamour
Apr. 20, Badaboum – Pump Up The Volume Avec Max Graef
Apr. 20, Garage – Tornado Wallace, Sebastopol et Marco Dos Santos


Apr. 28, Oxford Art Factory – Animals Dancing: Young Marco, Zaltan, Invisible City


Apr. 6, TBA – On Earth presents: DJ Python (NYC)
Apr. 13, CODA – Motor City Drum Ensemble
Apr. 13, Sous Bas – Essaie Pas with Rich Oddie (Orphx)
Apr. 14, Luanda House – Untold Stories with Frits Wentink
Apr. 14, TBA – Forth: Daniel Avery, Essaie Pas
Apr. 20, CODA – Mall Grab
Apr. 20, TBA – Work in Progress presents: Josey Rebelle (Rinse FM)


Apr. 7, Undisclosed Warehouse Location in NE DC TBD – Aftermarket_ Ciel (Peach Discs)

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