PREMIERE : Body-san – Pacific Reasons [Lo Recordings]

body-san pacific reasons

Brandon Knocke is a Portland-based musician who may be more familiar to you as Body-san (soundcloud). Knocke has released music under a number of different aliases throughout the years, perhaps most notably as Discoverer, on the dreamier and more experimental side of the spectrum. His music as Body-San has a similar flavour to it, keeping that same West Coast haziness but generally in a more house-leaning direction. With two fantastic long format cassette tapes released via 100% Silk and 1080p, as well as a couple of singles over the past two years, Body-san is back with his first 12″ which will be released by East London’s Lo Recordings, a label that has quietly been around for 20 years, releasing music from a very wide variety of artists.

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“Pacific Reasons” is a four track EP chock-full of sun-kissed melodies, warm chords and crisp percussion. From the twilight vibes of ‘Topaz Chalice‘ to the meditative feelings of ‘Central Casting‘ and ‘Liquid Entrance‘, Brandon Knocke’s music continues to evoke emotion while still being dance floor appropriate. The title track and our premiere today, B1 ‘Pacific Reasons‘ starts off very subdued with some airy chords and hazy atmospheres. The drums and bass act more like supportive elements in this slowly developing moody number rather than being up front and centre. Vocal melodies and synth lines emerge from the mist, like the sun peaking in through early morning fog until we get a chance to bask in the full warmth of its rays, but only for a brief moment as it is once again submerged in the clouds.

Body-San continues to go from strength to strength, displaying a knack for sunny, coastal moods as well as continuing to show a flair for slightly weirder and more spaced-out sounds such as the ones heard on last year’s “Shining the Money Ball”, which will be re-released as a limited 12″ by Lo Recordings later this year. You can pre-order ‘Pacific Reasons’ from Juno or Bandcamp.