Bobo – I (Pt. II) [Gestalt]

GST23 - A
Gestalt tried picking out 4-5 but to no avail, as the 10 tracks were inseperable. Anyhow they ended up taking on the whole lot on, to be released as a double album split into 2 installments.

‘Pt. I’ out 6 months ago is an effortless blend of breaks, bass and ambient, drawing heavily on artists such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Pluxus. This is (in our opinion) a pretty valiant release and a bit ‘outside the box’, but definitely something that warrants a physical manifestation. For this second part Bobo returns to Gestalt Records with a 5-track collection of surging harmonies, swirling basslines and pensive ambiance.

Make sure to grab your copy on bandcamp.
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