Blaise Balda – Twenty Disks(Romain FX Remix) [Where Were We?]

Data Dreams EP Remixed
Following the same pattern as its initial two releases, WWW is back with EP004 in a shape of a remix pack: retaining two remixers from the previous pack and introducing two new names on the bill. Both Hong Kong via Nantes Romain FX and Vilnius italo adept Black Feeling delivered massive remixes in the first pack and boy they don’t disappoint yet again. Romain has totally reworked the track and infused it with exotic oriental sounds and Black Feeling hits all the marks once again with his signature feel-good italo house vibes.

Since Blaise Balda has already released one EP on Rees’ Paradiso Records, it was natural to ask Adam for a remix. Middlesbrough talent shines agent hitting all the right notes and keeping the vibe joyous and the energy pure.

Last but not least are Berlin’s italo duo Sauvage World from Slow Motion/Wrong Era fame. Guys are raising the tempo up to 125, tweaking a few bits here and there and adding just a little bit extra of their own magic to make it sound like a proper italo banger for not-so-wrong era we all find ourselves in.


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