Birdsnake – Well Travelled [Bathtub Music ]

Naarm’s groove merchants Birdsnake are crafting a name for themselves as one of the most entrancing acts in the local scene. They provide a free-flowing sensory experience that seamlessly combines acid jazz, psychedelic funk and down tempo grooves. The band’s immersive live show is a blend of dubbed out rhythms and percussive textures that pull audiences into transcendental, droney realms.

On their journey exploring hypnotic soundscapes, Birdsnake‘s debut EP promises to deliver the same electric energy and airy melodies that people have come to love from their live shows. Tilting towards an electronic palette, Birdsnake Begins is a flavorsome and varied body of work showcasing the group’s love for synthesizers and pulsating beats. This release marks not just the birth of a record, but also the crystallization of the band’s evolution thus far. Listeners can expect a meticulously mastered record that explores the marriage of digital and organic sounds. This record is an auditory treat for both seasoned listeners and new explorers of the Birdsnake universe.

Here we have ‘Well Travelled’ from Melbourne’s percussive, dubby, electronic funk outfit that is ‘Birdsnake.’ ‘Well travelled’ is a down tempo ode to the bush doof. We aimed to capture the feeling of walking through the forest back to the stage for a dance after some down time.


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