PREMIERE : Birds of Sweden – Alle Alle [UN.T.O Records]

Birds of Sweden EP - UNTOArmand Jakobsson doesn’t seem content with sitting still—not halfway through 2017 are we introduced to the multitalented producer’s 5th release in as many months, under his third nom de plume no less. This outing comes under the alias Birds of Sweden, from the increasingly reliable and tactile UN.T.O. imprint. UN.T.O. is hot off the heels of the well-received Dream Technology EP from Jack Roland, an acerbic collection of “dreamy electro hi-fi rave”, and is showing no signs of stopping as they put out one of Jakobsson’s most caustic affairs yet. The eponymous EP hones in on the producer’s desire to lend his indelible touch to the world of Jungle music—across the entire EP, the breaks rush like whitewater rapids and barely leave room to gasp for air, but always with a ray of sunshine lighting the way forward.

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Our premiere is the A2, “Alle Alle“, and a perfect snapshot of the beautiful contradictions this EP has to offer. No sooner than the track starts do percussive blasts dizzyingly dance around themselves, with detuned stabs and pummelling subbass joining in to lay down a stifling atmosphere; however, this cut gets most of its steam and glow from the jarringly upfront padwork—dreamy, pastel melodies shining through the lens of bruised and yearning timbres. The pads seem to reach out from the depths of the mix, panning and intensifying with soulful purpose. A cacophony of effects and wails meet the ethereal sweeps in the middle to create a truly dichotomous experience. Across all of his projects, Jakobsson has been able to imbue serenity into even the most chaotic of productions, and The Birds of Sweden EP is no different, transporting listeners directly into the eye of a tornado; completely aware of the havoc being wrecked all around, yet unable to ignore the total sense of calm at the center.

It’s out today and you can grab your copy here.