Birdhouse – My Dove [INI Movement]

Nowadays, the word movement is overused to describe many static, 2-dimensional uncreative projects, but thank the musical universe for the ambitious and refreshing INI Movement. The coming together of two soulful places: a studio in Haarlem and an Amsterdam-based record label have made it possible for the likes of Henry Wu, K15, Jarreau Vandal, Umoja, Sofa Talk, SoulParlour, Ugly Drums and more, to experiment with their skill sets and explore their genius.

A group of passionate musicians connecting in a recording studio is often rewarding and what has resulted on this occasion, is the creation of the magnetic Birdhouse Vol 1 soundtrack. The independent music platform invited a varied group of artists along, to make use of the special ‘Birdhouse’ studio in Haarlem… which makes for a compelling start right? Several members of brass band Gallowstreet, Rilan & The Bombardiers, Umoja & Pitch Controller Mitch, Freshy Jazz and members of The Mauskovic Dance Band, came together to craft Birdhouse Vol 1, in a musical nest where imagination and reality are blended to create masterpieces outside the complex mind of the musician.

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The record features the premier track “My Dove,” it’s technically inventive, compiled of layers of emotionally charged collaborative intelligence. Drifting vocals combined with delicate yet powerful Latin-inspired percussion (listen to ‘Berimbao’ and ‘Late Inflate’ for your Latino fix), perfectly placed horns and the sprinkling of twinkling notes, fill each bar with feeling. You can hear each contributor equally in this track, multiple souls, visions and perspectives, tapped into in each segment.

Brief chaotic periods of crackling news broadcasts samples, slow alluring keys and soft drums play with your affections. Sadness, confusion, joy, hope, liberation, it is a poignant and wistful 3 minutes and 40 seconds. You might think you’ve heard something like it before but I would advise you not to try and dissect the genres which make up the track but instead, invite you to embrace the masterful original yet familiar fusion. My Dove is a new classic that you will enjoy several joints to, a romantic heartache that you can’t leave alone. I wonder if they knew what they were really creating? This track is important because it helps us to define what it really means to honestly and unashamedly, collaborate.

To get your hands on “My Dove” and the rest of the Birdhouse Sessions Vol. 1, make sure to pre-order your copy by following this link right here! It’s out this Friday!