Beraber – Early Riser [Lagaffe Tales]

Regulars on Bolting Bits, Lagaffe Tales (run by Jónbjörn Finnbogason and Viktor Birgisson) have played a pivotal role in introducing us to some of the scene’s most talented, up and coming artists like Felix Leifur, David & Hjalti, Moff & Tarkin, and Intr0beatz. This year, the duo has decided to revamp their original digital series called “TALES” and have chosen to familiarize us with yet another gifted producer: Beraber!

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Hailing from Amsterdam, Beraber is set to release his Lagaffe debut titled Early Riser, which is a four-track EP that showcases his ability to craft simplistic, lush melodies with an array of memorable synth riffs. At the core of each of his songs lies a mesmerizing groove that gets introduced at the very start and subtly builds throughout its entirety – eventually reaching a point where you can’t help but be overwhelmed with just how god damn catchy it is.

A perfect exemplification of his style can be seen in the title track from the EP. In the beginning, the listener is immediately drawn in by the original’s sequenced, undulating synths that anchor the piece. From there, Beraber then tasks himself with growing the beat by working in soft pads, a far-out bassline, electric percussion, and jarring chords. Although each of these elements wouldn’t pop-out by themselves, as one, they create a phenomenally textured atmosphere that will get your head bobbing in absolutely no time.

Early Riser is set to come out on Lagaffe Tales next month on May 6th. Pre-order the EP here!