Ben Hauke – Digi Luv ft. Eggrum [Far Out Recordings]

Like many great, up and coming producers from the UK, beatsmith Ben Hauke hails from South London and has a tendency to look for inspiration from far off places around the globe. In his upcoming release titled Only Old, Ben has decided to branch out from the comfort of his bedroom studio to incorporate the timeless sounds of Brazil, Cuba and Colombia. Furthermore, it appears that Mr. Hauke has paired up with a Brazilian-focused label aptly named Far Out Recordings to come out with a record that’s absolutely brimming with authenticity and eccentricity.

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Ben’s track Digi Luv really embodies the overall aesthetic he tries to create throughout the EP. Relying on an assortment of sampled beats and live instrumentation, the maestro is able to build a solid, jazz-laden groove around the mesmerizing vocals of little-known songstress Eggrum. The result leaves the listener with a vibe that’s reminiscent of the Bossa Nova classics that were likely to inspire Ben while constructing such a slow-burner of a tune. What’s truly impressive about the song is how authentic it sounds. After listening to it, one would think Digi Luv was most produced by an artist based out of South America and not the town of Lewisham – which is a pretty incredible feat in and of itself. No wonder Ben is already being anointed as one of the shepherds of London’s new jazz movement. It’s well-deserved.

To listen to the other six songs on Only Old, make sure to pre-order your copy by following this link right here!