Bad Channel – A [International Black]

Up next on International BlackRhythm Section’s deeper & darker sister imprint – is a two track EP from Melbourne’s Bad Channel. Both tracks untitled, this record gets straight to business with two luscious cuts of dubby, organic, spaced out groovers, adding to International Black’s back catalogue of dark and eerie club-ready tunes.
Speaking volumes through it’s use of space, silence and texture, the A side is as deep as they come. Simultaneously dark and beautiful, subtle yet grand, ‘A’ is an exquisite seven minute journey crafted with the early hours in mind. Rather than exciting through rises and drops or tricks in arrangement, ’A’ blooms like a flower, patiently unveiling a palette of meticulous sound design and gorgeous texture. As it treads a fine line between meditation and club functionality, ‘A’ charms and captivates.

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As pads ebb and flow, a seemingly simple loop takes on a deeper meaning, each hit of a rimshot more satisfying than the one before it. Every element occupies a space of it’s own, and not a single sound is squandered. When a single hi-hat arrives, bringing with it momentum and drive, and arpeggios unfurl in a glistening banquet of sound, ‘A’ becomes truly epic. A beautiful exercise in restraint and subtlety, ‘A’ is one to move every body and touch every soul on the dance floor. Pre-order now on their bandcamp.