Baby Rollen -Deep Asleep (Original Mix) [Semi Delicious]

baby rollen - demi requisimo
Up-and-coming British label Semi Delicious, headed by London-based DJ Demi Riquísimo, returns with their sixth various artists compilation, SEMID006 “Better Days” EP. Across these four tracks, Demi and co. prove their knack for luscious 90’s-Acid-House-leaning club anthems.

Coming in hot on the opening to the B-side, London’s Baby Rollén delivers the subtly propulsive, dreamy, and sensuous, “Deep Asleep”. As the title suggests, the song retains an almost eternally nocturnal vibe, the perfect soundtrack for a sleepless club night. The track starts with a steady lurch, as rolling 808 drums and diced up breaks are infused with a repeating, seductive vocal sample, which in turn segues into a robust bass line and elastic, quivering acid line. Buoyed by soft, glowing synths, the track nonchalantly picks up in momentum several times in its span, maintaining a seemingly perpetual apex of Acid House glory. 

The logic of the song could be equated to a dream that emerges in and out of one’s consciousness, each time reemerging in a completely renewed light. The dream in question here, of course, is that sticky acid line, one that’ll be hard to get out of your head even on just one listen. Despite the repetitiveness, there is something meditative and transportive here. 


Gilad. L