Die Roh & Trudge – Split [AXTX 002]

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So here we are with the 2nd “hand-stamped” release of Axe Traxx, a sublabel of the well established Axe on Wax Records. With the first EP from Axe Traxx released in april featuring productions from Sonderr with a remix from Mall Grab, expectations were high for the 2nd release. It didn’t disappoint.

Following the path taken in the first release, the 2nd showcases lo-fi, filthered house with the addition of vocal samples that simply perfectly complements the listening experience, adding  “the layer” to its tracks that makes it stick to your mind and asking you to press that back/replay button again and again

Two tracks of the EP are produced by Parisian producer Trudge. The first one entitled “Give”, delivers a smooth groove with a mesmerizing vocal sample, with a driving, sometimes broken beat. The 2nd track, “series7”, is a upbeat track that boasts a summerish, filthered melody that is distorted throughout the track as if to say “screw your expectations”.

The other part of “Split” are produced by Sagats and DJ Octopus, by their powers combined, aka “Die Roh”. Active since 2012,their experience as a pair is demonstrated in both tracks. “Coming out” is another smooth track with a beat that juggles very well with the drums and hi-hats, along with vocals  that demands for you to lip-sync along after the first play. “Her first time”, with vocals that suggest that maybe its not her first time, offers a funky dancefloor proper groove.

Overall great EP that is a proper follow-up to the first release on Axe Traxx. With releases like these, Axe Traxx is definitely a label to monitor closely.

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When and why did you start Axe Traxx? What was your inspiration or main motivation?
I’ve started Axe Traxx in December 2015, I created it because i was getting a lot of unreleased material from friends and it was pretty much all good stuff, just didn’t really fit the vibes of Axe On Wax, so i got in touch with a pressing plant and started the sub-label . The concept for Axe Traxx is a bit different than with AOW, all releases are white label, no artists names will ever appear on the cover, all records are 180grams, hand stamped and hand numbered by myself carefully . I personally go and collect records from the pressing plant and after send them to shops, distributing the first release was actually fun ! So that’s the way I’m going for from now on .

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First EP featured SONDERR and a remix by Mall Grab, both of which have been making some serious waves for awhile now. This EP features Trudge and Sagat/Dj Octopus (aka Die Roh), all of them showcasing that lo-fi/filthered house sound . What got you attracted to that type of sound? 
Yes this sounds has definitely attracted me, and don’t think it will stop soon . It’s warm, it’s catchy , sometimes s happy, others romantic and sometimes even sad, but hey it works!

What other styles/genres would you like to showcase on the label? Do you think it’s still contemporary to try to classify electronic music in genres and subgenres?  

We will stick to this sort of lo-fi filtered house for now . Don’t really like to experiment with other genres. Yeah i think it’s still ok to classify music in sub genres, gotta say though is important to not just focus on one.

Do you think music fans are more “loyal” to labels and artists than to genres?
Yes definitely agree ! I’m like that too, got a few artists and label that really like, the rest just kinda fade in and out at the times.Tips for anybody out there thinking of starting their own label, and sticking only to vinyl releases?
Well, you gotta have patience, be persistent and don’t get put down by people easily.

What’s next on Axe Traxx?
The next Axe Traxx will be a Various Artists with myself, Kid Mark, YancityGurl and Dj Pegasuz .

Whats next for Federico Lange?
As for me i’ll have a track coming out on 12’’ on ANMA records w/ Marcello Napoletano and SE62 & i’ll be part of a VA of just Italians on La Chinerie w/ Lucretio, Giovanni Damico, Pascal Viscardi & Christian Lisco.

frederico lange - axe on wax

Any Axe Traxx showcase or party planned in the next month?
Partywise we will celebrate 2 years of Axe On Wax at Prince Charles in Berlin this summer with Cinthie, Borrowed Identity, Marquis Hawkes and Ron Wilson . Then me and Kindimmer will represent Axe On Wax at Paloma Bar on the 25th of August w/ Martin Hayes and DJ SCM .

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