Avon Blume – Slowly Diving [On Loop]

on loop 006 - avon blume

It’s always a thrill when a producer no ones ever heard from before enters the fray. Today it’s Avon Blume. Being his first appearance online, we know little about who he is and his musical past. That said, his first three instalments carry a mature almost seasoned house sound.The opener, ‘Slowly Driving‘ is a layered swirl. A bed of scuttling drum-breaks carry us into the piece, where we’re soon greeted by squelchy acidic hits. Then ever so slightly building in tempo, the tune kicks into it’s back end characterised by jolly bongo sections. This one’s a wistful number and a sure fire shock when you’re reminded these are A.Blume‘s first ever releases.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-avon-blume-slowly-diving” /]

Before you’ve had time to give your dancing feet a rest, we’re hit with ‘Factory Tides‘. Listening to this you should feel as though you’re a fly on the wall at one of the largest football derby’s in Latin America. There’s something certainly cinematic about this record…Made up of stark bongo’s, dull cowbell, jubilant crowd recordings and droning synth tones, ‘Factory Tides’ is a steady weapon, designed to whip you into a dance stupor.

Closing out Avon‘s debut EP comes ‘Ambient Pressure‘. Taking the lo-fi road, this one’s got an extra shot of adrenaline than its predecessors. That said though the audio files are ambient yet they’ve been taken down a deep dark tunnel.  Elevating digital scales shake hands with hi-hats and spooky wails, it’s almost if I’m being chased down the halls of Hogwarts by a pack of hungry Dementors. A complex and frightening number.

Pressing these records and gifting them to the masses is London based imprint On Loop Records. Originally a tastemaker club night, started by Moxie in March 2016, the party series has traversed London, Paris, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lyon as well as festival stage takeovers at Glastonbury and ADE. Artists such as Julio Bashmore, Leon Vynehall, The Black Madonna and Medlar have spun tunes under this banner, so you know these guys are coming from a real good place!

Point of the story…get both on and in the loop with these inaugural tasty cuts from Avon Blume!