Apparel Wax – ‘LP001B1’ [APPAREL WAX]

So…it’s album time for Apparel Wax! After sharing an assortment of coded EP’s (APLWAX001 so on and so forth), father figure Giuseppe D’Alessandro thought it time to drop a full-length on us. As always, those who’ve provided their production prowess remain incognito, so whoever’s chipped in, has done a damn fine job. As a whole, the long play is an ode to jazz, with each ghost writer interpreting the genre as they see fit. With Apparel Music set to turn 9 this month, LP001 is a perfect birthday gift.

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For us, ‘LP001B1’ stood out from the crowd. Inspired by UK breakbeat, with a kick drum like a steam train, you’ll be doing yourselves a disservice if you skip pass this ditty. In true Apparel style, there’s a rush of key and string combos that should have jazz-house connoisseurs licking their lips.

You will have noticed as well that D’Alessandro’s chosen a cheeky album art. The reason behind it, being to preach protection but of the musical kind. Apparel artists are free to experiment with their creations, finding protection behind the label. Apparel Wax are here to defend quality dance tunes, striving to spread love and unite people through having a good time. We certainly can’t argue with that! Order now on their Bandcamp.