PREMIERE : Apparel Wax – 002A1 [Apparel Music]

Most of our readers have probably heard of the anonymous collective known as Apparel Wax. If you can’t recall their name, we know for a fact that you’ve heard the lead track from the label’s phenomenal 2017 debut “001A1” that rose to the top of Juno’s deep house best sellers.

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Although the title doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, the song’s opening seconds are one of the most memorable and satisfying moments of dance music we’ve been lucky enough to experience last year. We loved it so much we asked the label’s curator Giuseppe D’Alessandro to do an interview and mix for us a few months back. we suggest you read it to get a better understanding of their history and why the label’s contributors are anonymous. Hint: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC!

In their follow-up record, Apparel Wax have once again employed the work of ghost producers to come up with a record simply titled “002.” Similar to the first, this release contains a mixture of four-tracks that fall on different spectrums of the disco-jazz-funk plane – a real taste-tester you can say. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the A1 of the release, and it’s quite the thumper.

Featuring moody vocals and an assortment of looped guitar licks, “002A1” relies heavily on a throbbing bassline to carry the listener and their feet throughout its entirety. However, we would say the real gem of the tune lies within the horns that come in around the 3 minute-mark. Once those bad boys come to the forefront, “002A1” begins to exude a vibe that’s more romantic and care-free than what the yearning vocals signify at its start. Day-time disco enthusiasts and DJs alike are sure to love this track for it’s funky, yet soothing aesthetic.

The record is out on 12″ today, buy it here.