Andy Vaz – Help Me (Javonntte & Mimid Remix) [wewillalwaysbealovesong]


For Wewillalwaysbealovesong’s 19th release, the Marseille based House music label (co-run by Mimid) enlist Andy Vaz as he provides his slamming EP “Sankolige”. The 4-track EP features two fresh cuts from the Düsseldorf man himself, “Sankolige” and “Help Me”, as well as Javonntte & Mimid remixes of each track. Andy Vaz has been entrenched in the global electronic music scene since 1997, and he is widely considered one of the founding fathers of minimal techno. Vaz manages and curates his own labels Background Recordings and Yore Records, through which he has released records from himself, Akufen, Jan Jelinek, and Terrence Dixon just to name a few. Andy’s eclectic curatorial taste is reflected in his approach to production as he’s put out music ranging from minimal to free jazz to deep house.

The two remixers on “Sankolige”, Javonntte and Mimid are as influential to their respective scenes as Vaz is to his in Germany. Detroit native Javonntte has been producing music and DJing since the early ’90s, has toured with Aretha Franklin, featured on tracks with Andrés, Amp Fiddler, and Blake Baxter and boasts an extensive catalogue that is equal parts deep and groovy. His remix mate Mimid comes all the way from the south of France where he has frequented clubs and dancefloors, as well as collected over 3500 vinyls over the past decade. Mimid recently co-founded the label Wewillalwaysbealovesong, as an ongoing way to express his love of vinyl and release music from artists that inspire him.

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Today we premiere the Javonntte & Mimid Remix of “Help Me” off Andy Vaz’s “Sankolige” EP. The original is a euphoric, melodic house track with the uplifting vocal “Help Me” uttered through out, however Javonntte & Mimid flip the track on its head. They start with an infectious bassline that feels as organic as a live improvisation, and begin to layer on their raw and crisp percussion and reverberated vocal sample. About a minute in, they add a killer two chord combo on top of it all that provides the satisfying backbone for the track. You can grab the entire EP when it comes out on August 9th, listen to Javonntte & Mimid’s Remix of “Help Me”.