Alex Falk – Bronze [International Black]


Rhythm Section’s darker livery, International Black, delivers its singular offering for 2020, an EP by suzerain of the unstoppable loop: Alex Falk.

His second EP for the label INTLBLK008 consists of 5 ruthless techno pieces of isometric quality scoured from a shortlist of over 100 drafts from Falk’s hard drive. The tracks were formed via experimentation with both the Korg Mono-Poly and in Alex’s words ‘manipulations of my own voice in my typically loopy style’.

The results are flashbacks to the formative forest parties that allow Falk to conjure a mind-expanding style of repetitive techno designed for long seamless transitions and loophole fanatics. Tried and tested at the TEKNOX party that he runs with Nikki Nair, Dialectic Sines and Saint Thomas Ledoux in Knoxville, Bronze, Needs and City Scan stand out as the heavier workouts while Blue Jellies and Fuchsia are trips into the cerebral cortex destined for the deepest after hours experience.

Alex Falk’s specialist voice in techno, sitting somewhere between your ice-cold Berlin and warm upfront Detroit sound, is worth its own weight in the DJ’s toolbox.

text has been provided by the label.