Afterlife – Resistance [SUBATOMIC]


The element of surprise sparks the imagination as Afterlife (Subataomic) defy everyday expectation by virtue of Resistance. Or to put into Steve Miller’s own words: Resistance to any person or thing that in any way degrades the natural experience of human life on this planet is a necessary balancing force at this point in our evolution.

This moment’s decay is bound up with a longing for a better tomorrow. The impulse of that feeling beats throughout the heart of each track with the music proposing a revolution in culture: freedom to think for yourself. That defining, searing intensity is then hardwired directly into the soul of the title track Resistance, its reference to the fractured dream of Detroit alongside the percussive punctuation of Afterlife’s Balearic notation infuse the music with the spirit of meaning, speaking in wordless motion. Dancing to the tune of fierce percussion amid swirls of atmospheric intensity, plus the grainy resolution of bass, Steve’s brilliant series of EP’s are now elevated into another realm of possibility by defiantly exercising a resistant return to the dancefloor.

Antifearance seeks to reverse the climate of fear charged by a barrage of roaring synthesizers primed and set to stun. It’s excitable escapade in demanding rhythms roll out across the floor reaching a tantalising, uncompromising conclusion igniting a playfully subversive Afterlife in the process (while remembering the provocative echo of Patrick Cowley).

A most welcome addition on this release are the two remixes of Resistance featuring Deep House evangelists, Hardway Bros. Inspired by the originals escape into subterranean adventure the motor city is again alluded to by the brush of timeless basslines and drum machines – their use of the words Transmat Dub speaks volumes. The results are needless to say inspired and inspiring…


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