Adam Zarecki – Pretending [Roots For Bloom]

adam zarecki
After a few years spent cutting his teeth in his local scene, Glasgow’s Adam Zarecki is beginning to turn the heads of those in the know. With an inconspicuous presence on the interwebs, the DJ/producer’s talent speaks for itself. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the capable newcomer made his debut on wax, and safe to say we’re pretty chuffed to be doing the honours of sharing it with you.

Zarecki’s ‘Yesterday’s EP’ releases on Roots for Bloom, an imprint that is a sleek fit for the disco don’s penchant for feel-good flavours. Helmed by Jamie Trench, the label has been instrumental in launching the careers of lesser known talent since its first sell-out release in 2014. With releases from Folamour, Ethyène and Mara Lakour among others, the Roots for Bloom catalogue has a reputation for releasing consistently appealing disco and house jams.

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A1 ‘Yesterday’s’, lures us in with a sensual guitar lick, looped over an unassuming bassline. The right amount of filtering builds tension before emotive strings take centre stage. As a wistful vocal sample effortlessly sweeps through the track, it becomes near impossible not to get swept up in the journey. It’s a gentler cut, full of warm textures and emotive rhythms, fitting for long Sunday mornings in bed.

On the flip side, our premiere ‘Pretending’ is slightly more energetic than its companion. It’s a sexy, jazz infused affair that wins our affection with its delicate hats, touch of piano and sumptuous string arrangements.

In all, the record is a beautiful display of Zarecki’s warm production and mastery of the art of simplicity. With early support including Ben UFO and Jacques Renault, we wager that this one will go quickly. Jump on it from November 27 on the Roots for Bloom Bandcamp.