Achim Maerz – On The Way [Freund Der Familie]

Long-time affiliate of the Freund Der Familie imprint Achim Maerz returns to the label with his latest album ‘Relief’, comprised of nine originals from the Hamburg-based artist.

Over the past decade Achim Maerz has been releasing his twist on dub, downtempo, techno and leftfield electronica via the likes of Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid, Mark Rhein and Benjamin Brunn’s Wake Up! Records, Solar Phenomena and of course Freund Der Familie where he returns here with his latest collection of work.

Across the nine-track ‘Relief’ LP Achim Maerz displays the depth of influences in his music, from the cinematic electronica contributions like opener ‘Gondolier’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Memories’ through to more classic deep, dubby techno style cuts like ‘Black Hole’, ‘Changing Weather’, ‘Open Sky and ‘On The Way’.

Maerz also explores more experimental aesthetics via the intricately syncopated rhythms and dynamic synth work on tracks like title-cut ‘Relief’ and closing composition ‘Odysee’.


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