Àbáse – Gbé Ra Niè (Get Off Di Floor) [Cosmic Compositions]


“Invocation” is the debut EP of Budapest born and Berlin based producer, pianist and multi-instrumentalist Àbáse. Seven pieces of instrumental artistry, each one channeling a musical journey of its own, inviting the listener to a personal trip of emotions. Àbáse recorded most tracks with two drummers and two bass players playing simultaneously, a flute player, a percussionist and himself playing Rhodes and synths. Along the “base” band, there are several guest artists from different continents and backgrounds, adding their majestic contribution.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/abase-gbe-ra-nle-get-off-di-floor” /]

The first track of Invocation, which goes by the same name as the record (“Invocation”) has Brazilian percussionist Roque Miguel as a special guest, with whom Àbáse worked on new material during his stay in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia.“Get Off Di Floor” is a afro-funk track which has a brass section and a guitarist, as an addition to the core band. It’s a take on the classic afrobeat “big band” arrangement, an environment different than the rest of the EP, where Àbáse proves again his artistic versatility.

This record was created in a live recording session set up with Àbáse’s home-band in Budapest, with a few overdubs from the guests which he encountered during his journeys in Brazil, Ghana and Europe. Each track carries a personal input from the culture of every musician and it blends in beautifully with Àbáse’s ideas of mixing jazz and hip-hop in it. There is a strong West-African and Brazilian influence that is especially to be felt in the percussion and a lot of experimentation with jazz and hip hop. Pre-order now!.