95Bones – Queen Romey [Body Action Music]

95Bones - Body Action Music

Back once again with the Body Action Music!

One of our personal favorite imprints out right now, BAM is a home to “no-nonsense releases,” “mastered loud,” “DJ-focused, functional records made for having fun on the dance floor,” “lovingly delivered by the crew at YAM Records” with a promise that “every release will have at least one track that bangs.” That was certainly true for 2019’s modern classic BAM001 12” from Human Resources and last year’s Bolting Bits premiered rave-focused outing from Kyoto favorites Stones Taro. Enter London-based producer and resident of Surrey-based party/label Presha 95Bones who affinity for that sort of “Chunky But Funky,” “high energy beats with charisma and groove” is evident on the five absolutely banging tracks on BAM003.

Mr. Bones is a stand-out alumni of both new gen Bristol-based UK Bass outfit Scuffed Recordings and last year’s fantastic ON​+​ON​+​ON compilations from London rave outfit GODDEZZ. There’s no half-stepping here as 95Bones channels a year of pent-up pandemic-driven dance energy into each and every track from the off-to-the-races old school Funky Drummer breaks acid of “Bayonet Cap” to today’s Bolting bits premiered Chicago Jack via British bass floor burner “Queen Romey” with its accompanying video treatment.

Take the itchy shuffle of “ Bugs on the Floor” as it passes through playfully anxious dub on its way to a near-certain drop which comes almost exactly when called save for a small half-second stutter where all the air gets sucked out of the room like a Max Martin production just before the chorus. These brilliant bits of small detail work are the talented South London producer’s bread and butter (that and endless arrays of electro acid currents that could make a dead man move.)

More than glad to see that “in recognition of the influence of LGBTQ+ culture on contemporary dance music,” and this record no doubt — 25% of proceeds from this release will be donated to Stonewall Housing; a UK based organization that has “helped tens of thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) people to find safe and secure homes.”


Nick B.