2XM – Nivea [SlothBoogie]

SlothBoogie, a London music crew going from strength-to-strength on every front. It doesn’t just stop at running a successful and highly respected label but the DJ collective also throwing regular parties & radio shows throughout London. For nearly the past decade SlothBoogie have been carefully selecting the finest sounds from the underground to feature on their site, showcasing both amazing new talent and headline worthy names. Swales, Jad & The and Anthony Fade are just a few names of the talent released from SlothBoogie. Throughout 2018 SlothBoogie appeared to move up into another gear, by boasting a trio of label in the form of SlothBoogie Editz, SlothBoogie Traxx and SlothBoogie Jamz.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-2xm-nivea” /]
I’m sure you’re no stranger to the famous SBEDITZ & SBTRAXX series, but the Londoners are keen to show yet another unique string to their musical bow by the arrival of the third label of the Jamz series and who better to kick it off than one of the smoothest boys in deep house, 2XM. The New Zealand natives boast a sound like no other, with their music transporting you to the clouds of utopia.‘Hydrate EP’ delivers some of 2XM’s best work with 4 remarkable pad-infused bangers. Starting out with perhaps the most raw and driven track on the release with Sukin. Then with the second on the release comes our premiere of Nivea. Another smooth 2XM journey of fluttery keys and jazzy pads, a true masterpiece. Each track fits the next perfectly, guardianship of that unique sound they have fabricated for themselves. Pre-order here!

Adam R.