2XM – Crazy EP [Chikyu-u Records]

2XM Chikyu-u Records
For the better part of two years, Chikyu-u Records have been honing their passion for sharing underground electronic music with the world. Hailing originally from Japan but being brought up in Switzerland, the label has an already extensive output, with features from artists such as Moz, Karaba and Jack Georges. Their next release showcases the New Zealand duo 2XM in a genre-bending exhibition of musical finesse.

Liam and Ben have been curating the dance music moniker ‘2XM’ since the end of 2016, and in that time have explored a myriad of influences, ranging from disco to contemporary classical, all within a house-like construct. This project showcases these range of influences in a such a way that allows the tracks to exist both independently and for each other. “Session Funk” is awash with saturated Rhodes stabs, heavily textural percussion and solo lines that work together to create a dark and disparate ambience. It exhibits a quality of improvisation, but ties all of the parts together in a club-heavy context. The remainder of the E.P. traverses 2XM’s wide genre influences; “Don’t Wanna (Let You Go)” an atmospheric, down-tempo ode to disco, and “Crazy” a nod to their classical upbringing.