Yosh – Cold Steps [breaks n pieces]

London producer and UKG extraordinaire Yosh pulls up with five ruff ‘n’ ready cuts of breaksy garage designed to get lairy to. It’s been a meteoric rise for the artist whose work rate never seems to falter; from bass-driven breakbeat to bubblegum 2-step and raw, ravey cuts – Yosh brings a certain quality to every production; a distinctive flavour within a bubbling scene.

In many ways Breaks N Pieces is the perfect platform for Yosh to show what he can do. We kick off with ‘A Moment’; a jungle inspired cut of 140 steps, echoing dubs and vocal samples creating a sense of urgency and darkness as sweat drips from the roof. The stripped-back approach remains as we meander into ‘Take A Walk With Me’. Less like a walk and more like a run, this twisting cut of breakbeat is a vibe-builder; the perfect accompaniment from midnight to morning.

‘10 Tiger Strike’ features old Wu-Tang samples and typically minimal production; bringing a certain essence to the subtlety and precision of each break, before ‘Cold Steps’ ventures back into UKG territory with a production that sounds exactly like it’s titled. Imagine 2-stepping in a winter wonderland and you’re there.

Rounding off the release is ‘What On Earth’; a psychedelic trip through M1 Korg inspired garage that’s as playful as it is devastating, bringing Yosh further into the scope of the garage re-rises’s finest.


text has been provided by the label.