Shurmin Nikita – Klevo Lapus (Thomass Jackson Remix) [Good Skills]

Shurmin Nikita is a new upcoming name in the scene of Lithuanian alternative music. Finally Good Skills releases something to sing along. This is one of them stories, when a young kid sends his music to his favourite local label and gets heard. He is a real deal – and we are so happy to have him. Nikita has it all – he is talented young man with great musical ideas playing live instruments, funny but real lyrics, raw energy, and unique style. He lives between Vilnius and Oslo, carries sugar is in his pockets and has some ready for your ears. Cukrus (sugar) is the name of his debut EP to be released on Good Skills on 30th of March.

When asked to say few words about his work, author was blunt: “This music is about everyday life of Shurmin Nikita.” Three originals with amazing remixes from Thomass Jackson and ALF CHAMPION & MDHNTR coming little later – we invite you to have a listen and support new and upcoming artists. Get ready to get excited as we are and taste that sweet sugar.

One time while getting up the stairs of the attic, where Nikita’s music studio was, he heard quite busy action on the street next to the house. Some car drivers went quite heavy on their horns. This hymn of non-stop “horns choir” sounded a little bit like a dance track, which very soon proved to be truth. So that’s what Shurmin Nikita did. Name of the track translates to “Leaves of the Maple” – it must have been autumn.

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