MIXED BY/ Jimmy Rouge

MIXED BY Jimmy Rouge
In this edition of our MIXEDBY series, we were fortunate enough to procure a selection from esteemed producer Jimmy Rouge! The name, which is synonymous with his label Orange Tree Edits, has been responsible for some of the most memorable house-edits of music from around the world – crossing the borders of countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.Mr. Rouge is a little bit of a man of mystery. He’s not known for doing interviews. I believe the last one he participated in was done in 2017. However, Jimmy was able to put together a brief summary of his mix below where he walks us through his current situation and inspiration behind his curation.

I made this mix while in lockdown in Amsterdam and County Clare in Ireland. I initially started it just as a de-stressing exercise. I was listening to a lot of Japanese new age/ambient and had also made some ambient versions of some Irish songs. One, in particular, is a spacey version of a recording of Martin Hayes playing a reel on the fiddle called ‘Ger The Rigger’. It’s from an album called ‘Live in Seattle’. I’ve added some spoken word and a recording from an Irish radio station. There’s a soundtrack record in there and even a heavily pitched down version of a song by Anúna. – Jimmy Rouge