Lore of the Samurai – Alpha base

Up next on Heist Recordings is an undercover project of a well-known producer who decided it was time to experiment, broaden his sound and produce music without the expectation that comes with an established name. Lore of the Samurai delivers an expertly crafted record with classic Chicago influences, hints of electro and up-tempo technoid house.

EP opener, ‘City Loop,’ is a house track with that classic house feel, thanks to its moody sample loops, background chants and energetic percussion. The strings and simplistic piano work are true to form and make for an altogether enticing opener. ‘Deeper Into Orbit’ has the roughness of some of the most praised productions out of Chicago, and a swing that is reminiscent of an old Boo Williams track. The surprise cut of the pack is definitely ‘Space Designer’. It’s an up-tempo affair with syncopated bass working together with a classic Marimba loop and percussion that makes you want to dance, dance, dance.

‘Alpha Base’ delves deep in electro territory with boombap drum programming, while still taking inspiration from classic deep house elements like its chords and sample hits. Watch out for that bass-arpeggio-break, it’s killer. EP closer ‘Justifice’, is as smooth as a deep house track can be with lovely, filtered chords and massive vocal sent through a vocoder that would have made Zapp & Roger proud. The whole EP has a great groove, and you can hear the craftmanship just oozing out your speakers. In short, an essential package with something for everyone.

text has been provided by the label.