Komartsov – Reminiscence (Florian’s ‘4/4 Cut) [Too Rough 4 Radio]

TR4R is excited to make its return on his “Rough Cuts” series with the “Basement Of Dreams EP” by Komartsov and picks up on the momentum of their last release, the powerhouse TR4R#10 compilation. With fluttering arpeggios that weave through lush pads of otherworldly house and deep 90s electro, “Basement Of Dreams EP” is as dynamic as it is effective for the floor. Don’t hold back with this 8-track stunner—embrace the dive of it—let it soak and submerge as it builds its bed of undeniable energy.Bouncing acidic droplets and underwater pad sweeps set the track ‘Gamma Glow’ running with Omar S-like hypnoticism. With an electro spine, the Russian-based producer Komartsov dives into the depths with this first track off of the “Basement Of Dreams EP” on TR4R with an emotive and floating electro 90s-influenced anthem.The “Basement Of Dreams EP” is brimming with both wonder and enchantment as the Russian-based producer Komartsov comes up with the moody 303-driven electro burner ‘Up Vertically’. The jacking momentum of the track only builds stronger as swirls of FM pads and distorted radio wave voices submerge—landing on the safe waters of both lush and laid-back acid bliss.Moments of euphoria exist throughout this “Basement Of Dreams EP” release, like in the drumless breaks in ‘Chemistry Of Love,’ which allows for one to catch an ethereal breadth before dropping us back into the full force of the bass thumping powerhouse. Channeling shades of Mr. G in the hammering chords and shuffled hats, the track subtly weaves through soft wavetable synth pads in ‘Chemistry Of Love’ by Komartsov and the result is a pounding tune.

Airy chords breath in and out as pulsating waves of deep house and dub motion coalesce in Tommy Vicari Jnr´s, take on Komartsov’s track ‘Chemistry Of Love.’ The spread in sound—it’s wide span of Tommy´s remix only strengthens the mind soothing aesthetic that Komartsov establishes throughout his “Basement Of Dreams EP” and the effect is mesmerizing.

With releases on Gesalt Records, Dance All Day, and Mint Tea—the emerging Russian producer has been able to cultivate a powerful catalog that culminates the hypnoticism of dub techno with the soul of 90s E.M.U-nodding Detroit house. One of the strongest examples is “Source Data,” which meanders through chopped breakbeats and cascading stabs into a raving, trance-tinged banger.

Rounding out the release is a remix of ‘Reminiscence’ by one of the TR4R co-founders Florian, who extends this release with an even wider breadth of genre-bending prowess. A breaky future bass take on the to compliment the range of moods this release adapts to on the dancefloor.