Hiatt dB – 6 O’Clock Rock [Rhythm Section]

rs034_rhythm section
From the backwaters of New Orleans, founder of the Mystery Zone imprint and parties Hiatt dB bursts onto the international scene with glorious technicolour debut EP ‘Palimpsest’, marking our first recruit from the US of A. Having grown up in the Gulf Coast’s San Antonio, Hiatt made the move to New Orleans in 2015 with his heart set on exporting the sound of the Gulf South to the global discourse. Here, newly exposed influences from the Mediterranean to West Africa, Brazil through to the Caribbean motivated him to begin making dance music and performing as a percussionist and DJ.

True to the drum city, Hiatt doesn’t let up on the rhythmic assault. From joyful piano stabs and dizzying percussive crescendos in ‘Sun Spell’ to the intricate snare rudiment of ‘Palimpsest’; the sizzling, hypnotic ‘Big Easy’ stylings of ‘6 O’Clock Rock’ to basking in the euphoric, sparkling breaks of ‘Everyday Break’. It’s the warm afterglow you need as the journey of the record comes to it’s triumphant conclusion. We couldn’t be happier to have Hiatt dB joining the RS family.

Pre-order – 02.07.20.

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