G. Markus – Purple Saturn Day [Monologues Records]

G. Markus - What Is Jazz? EP
Inspired by his decision to learn the piano during lockdown, ‘What Is Jazz?’ EP on Monologues Records sees Ben Gomori return to his G. Markus moniker and the project’s roots in the deeper end of deep house. Largely created over one quarantine-fuelled Bank Holiday weekend of stifling captivity, the EP focuses around dainty leitmotifs, with a melancholic mood running throughout.

From the bossa nova beats and double bass glissandos of the title track to the hazy chords of ‘Barbie Nine Jobs’ (the direct translation of the Lithuanian for ‘jack of all trades’ and presumably implying ‘master of none’) and the warm ivory twinkles of ‘Purple Saturn Day’, the release continues a long-running tradition of house producers paying homage to its distant forefather.


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