Duncan Forbes – The Next Step (Pépe’s ‘Find Courage From Fear’ Version) [49 North]

ducan forbes
After a brief lockdown-prompted hiatus – Duncan Forbes and his new 49North imprint, return for their 3rd outing… a 4-track EP, made up of 2 DF originals and a remix of each. One from the universally revered UK House & Techno don, Mr G; and the other courtesy of Pépe – without doubt one of the most in-demand artists on the underground right now.

The neon-lit, analogue House of ‘Bluer Than Blue’ kicks things off – it’s liquid melodies and propulsive rhythm reeling you right in from the get-go.

‘The Next Step’ meanwhile, is a vast and sonoros, breakbeat-driven beast – chocked full of otherwordly atmosphere and an alluring sense of the mystical.

Close pal and DF collaborator – Mr G, then takes the shimmering, multi-color heart of ‘Bluer Than Blue’ and distills it down into one super-tight, bare-bones, swing-loaded roller; topped off with a seductive whispered vocal, skating rides and a perfectly-poised low-end lead.

That is before Pépe wraps things up with his unique spin on ‘The Next Step’; for which he keeps the signature mood more or less intact – but brings a more euphoric, wide-eyed optimism to proceedings, as well as an inspired ethereal-meets-junglist central character.


text has been provided by the label.