Ayū – Neon Affair [Harmony Rec.]

Neon Affair marks Ayū’s first solo EP on Harmony. The EP explores different genres and moods amidst electronic dance music. From the very beginning, Neon Affair is infused with hazy, sparkling sounds that add an exciting, yet supersonic touch to the fast-paced nature of the record.

Side A dives in with “Neon Affair” ‘s dance-floor-driven beats, oscillating between building drumline swells and weighty basslines, alongside “Sentient” whose bouncy and trancy-inspired rollers will guide you through the introspective and beyond.

The B-side, for beat seekers, embarks on a spacey journey of edgy progression, contrasting “Point Nemo” ‘s ecstatic vocals with the stardust melodies of “Space to Come.”


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