Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Logan’s Run [The Jazz Diaries]

ZFEX Artwork
Brought to us by Ziggy Zeitgeist, drummer and percussionist of Melbourne’s outstanding ‘30/70’, the improv/dance music band known as Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange are a gifted creation fitting effortlessly within the nu-jazz neo-soul era. That being said, you’ll come to realise that the genre is secondary to the crafts(wo)manship, it’s the energy conveyed by the musicians that means everything. 

Today we have the pleasure of premiering a track arranged and produced by the band, taken from ‘ZFEX Volume II’, the follow up of the May 2018 release. Ziggy is joined by Matt Hayes on bass and Lewis Moody on the keys, Javier Fredes on percussion, Erica Tucceri on woodwinds to bring us ‘Logan’s Run’ (yes, you may have watched the sci-fi classic). This number gathers pace through youthful twinkling keys, low-slung sultry bass, jungle influenced drums and percussion sounding as galactic as it does tribal. 

Creating pure transcendental soundscapes and grooves of refreshing expression, ZFEX showcase what it means to catch a vibe and if you remain open to their sonic elevation, you are sure to be moved as the music forces you to connect with yourself. ‘Volume II’ is a timeless instantly mesmerizing space you enter, where you are greeted by raw jazz-funk and the spirit of each musician flowing through live sounds. We can’t help but think of Alfa Mist, Mansur Brown, Yussef Dayes, Thundercat, Triforce and Kamaal Williams with this one, so if you’re a fan of those guys be sure to check this out. 

The raw sentimental sounds of ‘Logan’s Run’ form a story, an affair of the heart played out  arresting all our senses through its beautifully frantic sections and calmer rhythmic parts. We look forward to experiencing a live set from the band to witness them sharing pure love through their excellence. Its is no surprise that ZFEX had the pleasure of jamming on a Brownswood Recording Session, receiving love and support from Gilles Peterson, Alexander Nut, Osunlade,  Byron the Aquarius and many more. 

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