Tsuin – Bucky Bourgeois (Acid Lover Mix) [Balkan Vinyl]

Whenever you are in search of squelching 303 basslines, Posthuman’s Balkan Recordings is a likely record digging destination. Here you will find well-known names such as Luke Vibert, DMX Krew and Mark Archer to name a few. The duo is responsible for spearheading the UK acid house scene for over two decades, consistently underlining the timelessness of acid music. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the output of their label is truly exceptional acid in all its derivatives.

For the next release on Balkan Vinyl, London-based producer Tsuin makes his return to the label with a two-track EP entitled Milk It. Much like Tsuin’s last appearance on Balkan Vinyl, on their Metro Jax III compilation, the Milk It EP features catchy vocal sampling as well as a commanding and squelching acid bassline, in true Balkan Vinyl fashion. The flip side of the two track EP is Bucky Bourgeois (Acid Lovers Mix), a straight to the point acid banger, with a distinct nod to classic acid house. Mid-way through the track, a well-structured tension creating break builds up to release back into familiar territory.

The Milk It EP is a 7” record with an edition of 101, so do not hesitate to grab your copy! It is available for purchase on March 23rd.