Nickon Faith – Don’t Make Me Wait (Jon Selbo Remix) [Troubleshoot Recordings]

Manchester’s very own Nickon Faith is back with a stunning new release on Troubleshoot Recordings. The label’s fourth release, “Visions EP” consists of 3 original Nickon Faith tracks with an additional remix by Jon Selbo that continues to amplify the energy. Having made a name for himself as an exciting and innovative producer with a large back catalogue of releases already under his belt, Nickon continues to add to this with three new tracks showcasing his ability to produce expressive and dynamic dance music.

“Visions” kicks off the EP with its ethereal and otherworldly pads, accompanied by wandering lead lines that keep the listener on their toes. A track that’s both captivating and emotive, perfectly setting the tone for the rest of the EP.

Next up is “In Bloom”, which features infectious percussion and rapid melodies that showcase Nickon’s talent for creating complex, layered soundscapes. The track is underpinned by a strong pulsating bassline that helps push everything forward.

The third track, “Don’t Make Me Wait” blends breakbeats with dreamy vocals, creating a powerful track that’s both hypnotic and infectious. Energetic breaks lay the foundation for the rich, expansive chords that flood the track as the vocal floats throughout.

The EP concludes with a high-energy remix of “Don’t Make Me Wait” by label boss Jon Selbo. Selbo brings his own unique flavour to the track, delivering a clubbier and more rave- ready version that is guaranteed to get those early morning dancefloors moving.


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