Mind Safari – Urban Dreams [Paraíso]

Paraíso‘s adopted motto ‘Underground house music from a paradise called Portugal’ stands strong once again, and this time around they present you their first album, available in tape and digital formats. Mind Safari‘s long player ‘Sincronismo’ translates as, you guessed it, synchronicity, a word popularised by Jung’s studies of the continuum between mind, body and spirit and how that flow moves us, oftentimes perfectly harmoniously – in sync.

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Bass and bleeps swirl within that cited harmony throughout – from the ambient, rich atmospheres and cinematic incantations of the opener and closing tracks, as well as a beatless interlude, ‘Healing Process’.

Then there’s the much-needed dance, starting right with the title track and filling the whole record with a warm, oneiric energy: the elegance and soulfulness of Detroit techno is filtered through the maritime spirit of Mind Safari’s home town of Aveiro, delivering synth-led machine-funk for lovers of jack-infused drum patters and inventive melodies. ‘Urban Dreams’, inspired by the portuguese artist of the same name, celebrates the 90s sound of local producers and djs; ‘Substance’ ups the tempo for a hypnotic state of rave.

‘Sincronismo’ is an expertly crafted, coherent ride where each track can be a highlight, as melodic themes and cinematic landscapes remind us that timeless music always hits different.


text has been provided by the label.